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Setting up a trust is about protecting what is precious to you and preserving wealth for future generations. We help people who have worked hard to build up wealth to put measures in place protect it. This includes business owners, executives and families.

Every trust is unique with different elements to take into account. We will work with you to set up a trust that meets your needs and ensure it is compliant with the new Trusts Act 2019.

It is essential that trusts are properly managed. If your trust is not managed correctly then there is a risk that it won’t withstand scrutiny and your assets won’t be protected. Lucky for you we have an easy way to do this!

We can help you with:

Setting up a trust

Reviewing an existing trust & doing a WOF style check over

Winding up a trust that is no longer needed

Varying your trust deed

Ongoing management

Trust Me

Managing your trust has never been easier with our Trust Me subscription service. Trust Me is a secure way to manage your trust online and enable flexibility and convenience.

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