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The best thing you can do for your family.

We worry about what our children are eating, their safety and happiness, but do you ever worry about what happens if you were suddenly not there?

If you were to pass away tomorrow, what would happen to your family? It’s a jarring thought, yet it’s an important one to consider and make a plan for.

Put your mind at ease that your family will be ok with our Precious Bundle package. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you have kids now is the time to do this. It’s about protecting their future.

If you’re a millennial, you may feel “too young” to worry about life planning, but it has nothing to do with age. If you have a family, property and assets, this should be a high priority.

A Will is not enough – there are other things to consider.
Simply having a Will is not enough to cover all your bases. Any stone left unturned could cause a mountain of heartache and stress. That’s why we work with people to put together a plan based on your specific circumstances.

You decide…or leave it to chance. What would you prefer?

If you were to pass away tomorrow and you don’t have your wishes documented, your assets will be distributed using a pre-determined formula and the court will decide who gets guardianship of your children aged under 18 years old.

Imagine your family being in that difficult situation, it’s the last thing you want to put them through. It’s a stressful, lengthy and costly process – but one that can be avoided.

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We’ve bundled up everything you need

If you have a family with minors (children under 18) there are key things that you need to consider. We’ve worked with many families in this stage of life and understand what bases you need to cover.

Our Precious Bundle package enables you to:

Confidently appoint the best guardian for your children

So that you know that they are being cared for by the right people if you are no longer around.

Put a money plan in place

To make sure that there is enough money available for the guardians to look after your kids and leave a legacy for your family.

Put protections in place to safeguard your children’s inheritance

In the case that your partner enters into a new relationship after your death, your share of the joint assets doesn’t end up going to the new partner.

Identify any risk areas and take steps to fix them now

So that your family don’t end up with unexpected costs and heartache after you have gone.

Take immediate steps to protect yourself

In case you are in an accident or have a sudden medical event that leaves you unable to make personal decisions and manage your property.

Sleep easy

Knowing that you have done everything you can to safeguard your family’s tomorrow.

    Let’s get this sorted and give you peace of mind.

    You’ll find no cookie cutter documents here. The best protection starts with looking at your specific circumstances. An estate plan will ensure that your children and the remaining parent are looked after – financially and physically.

    Our process:

    1. Initial planning meeting

    This is where we get to know you and your individual circumstances. We have a series of questions that we’ll take you through to ensure we get all the information we need for the next step.

    2. Document review meeting and discussion

    We will put together a tailored package of documentation that will ensure we have all your bases covered. We will discuss these with you and welcome any questions you have.

    3. Document signing meeting

    Once we’ve ironed out all the details, we will meet to sign the documentation that clearly states your wishes. You’ll feel a real sense of peace of mind knowing that you’ve got this sorted.

    Young family lying on living room floor reading book
    Mother looking at her will on laptop with toddler on lap

    Bundle includes

    • Bespoke Will
    • Enduring Power of Attorney in relation to property
    • Enduring Power of Attorney in relation to personal care and welfare
    • Letter of wishes workbook for guardians/executors.

    Essential documentation if you want to have any say in how you and your family is taken care of, and how your assets will be distributed.

    It’s everything you need to make your wishes crystal clear.

    Protect your family today!

    You don’t know what tomorrow will bring… Don’t leave crucial decisions to chance. Our Precious Bundle ensures your wishes are legally documented, safeguarding your assets and securing guardianship for your children. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Act now to spare your loved ones from unnecessary stress, uncertainty, and expense.


    Frequently asked questions.

    I’m only 40! Do I really need to do this?

    Yes, you really do. Life can throw curveballs when we least expect them, and estate planning is all about planning for the worst-case scenario so that your family aren’t left with unexpected costs and heartache. If you have young kids, the stakes are particularly high and the best thing you can do for them is have a plan in place in case the unexpected happens. There is no need for you to wait until you’ve got your life nailed down. A good estate plan deals with here and now.

    What if I already have a Will?

    Wills are part of an estate plan, but an estate plan is much more than just a Will. Sadly, we have seen time and time again that having a Will is not enough to cover all your bases. Your Will won’t cover you if you are in an accident or have a medical event that means that you can’t make decisions (you need Enduring Powers of Attorney for that) and more often than not Wills only cover part of the picture (the assets that actually fall into your estate). This package is specifically designed for parents with minor children (under 18). We look at the full picture (not just a snapshot) and then take you through a proven process to make sure you have thought of everything.

    How long does it take to get everything sorted?

    A good estate plan that will stand up to scrutiny takes time. Despite what many online Will providers say you can’t do it in 25 minutes. Given that your family’s future is at stake, it is important that you take the time to do it properly. Having worked with many clients in this stage of life we understand what is needed and have created this package to ensure that you get everything you need as quickly as possible.

    What if one or both of us have kids from a prior relationship?

    This package has been specifically designed for nuclear families (where there are no children from other relationships). There is a lot more complexity when planning for a blended family and it varies from family to family. Ensuring that everyone you care about gets a fair share of your assets when you pass away can be super complicated. If you are in a blended family, we can work with you to craft a bespoke plan tailored to your specific family’s needs. Email to find out more.

    Do we need to be in the Wellington region to work with Gem Legal?

    We can prepare estate plans for clients all over NZ but you will need to arrange a local lawyer, registered legal executive or trustee company to witness your signature on the Enduring Powers of Attorney. We can still provide the advice and prepare the documents (which is where the value is). However, rather than meeting with you to sign the documents, we will email them out to you to sign using local witnesses.

    We have a family trust, is this OK?

    Yes. Family trusts can be a great option when you have young kids. We will happily explain how you can use your family trust. Then you can decide if you want to engage us as a separate service to help with that. You cannot rely solely on a family trust to protect your family’s future. A trust looks after one aspect of asset protection and does not include the essential elements that our package covers.

    We have a business, does this package include cover for this?

    No. However we love working with business owners. This package deals with your personal assets but we are happy to talk you through what happens with your business when you die (or become incapacitated) so that you can decide if extra legal protection is needed. 

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